Catering Info

Same “hands-on” service and ownership for over 3 decades. We look forward to serving you!

Every catered event is special and we try to give you the attention that will make your event enjoyable, hassle free as well as delicious! This represents a guideline of what we can do. Please feel free to ask for anything that you think may make your event more enjoyable.

Restaurant (714) 528-RIBS (7427)

Catering Line (714) 863-6410

Our most popular catering menu is our

Rib & Chicken Combo

Barbecue Baby Back Ribs (1/3 slab per person)
Barbecue Chicken (1/4 chicken per person)
Homemade Potato Salad*, Beckett’s Beans*
Fresh Baked Rolls with Butter
*Choice of two or substitute Pasta Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cole Slaw;
add extra (three total) side order $1.75 Tossed or Caesar Salad add $2.50


$19.95** Ribs & Chicken Combo
$25.45** Three Entrees (Ribs, Chicken, Tri-tip)
$13.95** Chicken Dinner
$15.45** Chicken & Pasta – (Angel hair with plum tomatoes and pine nuts or Lasagna)
$19.95** Tri-Tip Roast & Chicken
$14.95** Chicken & Hot Links
$14.95** Sliced BBQ Beef or Pulled Pork Sliders – (Self serve on mini-rolls)


**Plus tax and service charge. Prices based on a minimum of 25 persons. Includes paper plates, plastic utensils, chafing dishes with sterno, serving utensils.

  • Appetizers

    Large parties may require a display, i.e. large iced bathtub for fruit or veggies. Veggies add $1.50 per person, fruit add $2.50.

  • Veggie Tray

    • Tray $70

    With ranch dressing. Feeds 20-40.

  • Fresh Fruit

    • Tray $85

    Feeds 20-35.

  • Extras

  • Big B’s Wings

    • Half Pan $55
    • Full Pan $90

    Half Pan or Full Pan. Feeds 15-40.

  • Sweet and Sour Meatballs

    • $85

    Full Pan only. Feeds 30-50.

  • BBQ Beef, ala carte

    • $12.95 lb

    Meat only.

  • BBQ Pork, ala carte

    • $12.95 lb

    Meat only.

  • Pulled Pork, ala carte

    • $12.95 lb

    20 lb. min., meat only.

  • Summer Squash and Polish Sausage medley

    • Half Pan $50
    • Full Pan $80

    Half Pan or Full Pan. Feeds 15-40.

  • Grilled Veggies and Roasted Garlic

    • Half Pan $45
    • Full Pan $70

    Half Pan or Full Pan. Feeds 20-45.

  • Mac & Cheese (Requires 2 Days Notice)

    • $95

    Full Pan only. 2 Days Notice. Feeds 30-40.

  • Corn Bread

    • $55

    Full Pan only. Feeds 40-60.

  • Corn on the Cob

    • Per Person $2.00

    (in season)

  • Apple or Peach Cobbler (Requires 2 Days Notice)

    • Half Pan $55
    • Full Pan $90

    With Real Whipped Cream. 2 Days Notice. Half Pan or Full Pan. Feeds 15-40.

  • Assorted Cookies

    • Per Person $1.50
  • Asorted Canned Sodas and Bottled Water

    • Per Person $3.00
  • Lemonade or Iced Tea

    • Per Person $2.75
  • Buffet Tables

    • Each $10



Your order is ready to go supplied with containers to transport your meal hot and chafing dishes and utensils to complete your service.

Set-up Service:

We deliver, set up and return to pick up all utensils and stainless steel chafing dishes. Includes plastic table covering. $50 minimum charge.

BBQ On Site Service:

We provide a large wood burning BBQ and the crew to cook your entrees on site. Includes buffet service and clean up. Minimum 100 guest count. Service charge 20% of total; on-site BBQ minimum service charge $600. Linen, guest tables, chairs and other rentals available on request.