Catering Info

Every catered event is special and we try to give you the attention that will make your event enjoyable, hassle free as well as delicious! This represents a guideline of what we can do. Please feel free to ask for anything that you think may make your event more enjoyable.

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Our most popular catering menu is our

Rib & Chicken Combo

Barbecue Baby Back Ribs (1/3 slab per person)
Barbecue Chicken (1/4 chicken per person)
Homemade Potato Salad*, Beckett’s Beans*
Fresh Baked Rolls with Butter
*Choice of two or substitute Pasta Salad, Cole Slaw,
add extra (three total) side order $1.75 Tossed or Ceasar Salad add $2.50


$19.45** Ribs & Chicken Combo
$25.45** Three Entrees (Ribs, Chicken, Tri-tip)
$13.95** Chicken Dinner
$15.45** Chicken & Pasta – (Angel hair with plum tomatoes and pine nuts or Lasagna)
$19.45** Tri Tip Roast & Chicken
$14.95** Chicken & Hot Links
$14.95** Sliced BBQ Beef or Pulled Pork Sliders – (Self serve on mini-rolls)


**Apply to all above, plus tax and service charge. Prices based on a minimum of 25 persons. Includes paper plates, plastic utensils, chafing dishes with sterno, serving utensils. (Disposable chafing dishes add $15 per unit).

  • Appetizers

    Large parties may require a display, i.e. large iced bathtub for fruit or veggies. Veggies add $1.50 per person, fruit add $2.50.

  • Veggie tray

    • $70

    With ranch dressing. Feeds 20-40.

  • Fresh fruit

    • Tray $85

    Feeds 20-35.

  • Extras

  • Big B’s Wings

    • Half Pan $50
    • Full Pan $90

    Half Pan or Full Pan. Feeds 15-40.

  • Sweet and Sour Meatballs

    • $85

    Full Pan only. Feeds 30-50.

  • BBQ Beef, ala carte

    • $12.95 lb

    Meat only.

  • BBQ Pork, ala carte

    • $12.95 lb

    Meat only.

  • Pulled Pork, ala carte

    • $12.95 lb

    20 lb. min., meat only.

  • Summer Squash and Polish Sausage medley

    • Half Pan $50
    • Full Pan $80

    Half Pan or Full Pan. Feeds 15-40.

  • Grilled Veggies and Roasted Garlic

    • Half Pan $45
    • Full Pan $70

    Half Pan or Full Pan. Feeds 20-45.

  • Mac & Cheese (Requires 2 Days Notice)

    • $90

    Full Pan only. Feeds 30-40.

  • Corn Bread

    • $55

    Full Pan only. Feeds 40-60.

  • Corn on the Cob

    • Per Person $2.00

    (in season)

  • Apple or Peach Cobbler (Requires 2 Days Notice)

    • Half Pan $50
    • Full Pan $80

    Half Pan or Full Pan.

  • Assorted Cookies

    • Per Person $1.50
  • Asorted Canned Sodas and Bottled Water

    • Per Person $3.00
  • Lemonade or Iced Tea

    • Per Person $2.75
  • Buffet Tables

    • Each $10



Your order is ready to go supplied with containers to transport your meal hot and chafing dishes and utensils to complete your service…No extra charge.

Set-up Service:

We deliver, set up and return to pick up all utensils and stainless steel chafing dishes. Includes plastic table covering. $50 minimum charge.

BBQ On Site Service:

We provide a large wood burning BBQ and the crew to cook your entrees on site. Includes buffet service and clean up. Minimum 100 guest count. Service charge 20% of total; on-site BBQ minimum service charge $600. Linen, guest tables, chairs and other rentals available on request.